Welcome to Organizing Specialists of Sacramento

The mission of Organizing Specialists of Sacramento (OSS) is to support
organizing professionals through continuing education, collegial
networking, and other group activities, in an effort to develop and raise
public awareness of our industry in the greater Sacramento area.  This
mission includes constant development of our group through increasing
membership, and public education and outreach.
What is a Professional Organizer

A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing
systems and processes using organizing principles and through
transferring organizing skills.  A professional organizer also educates the
public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefits.  Professional
organizers help individuals and businesses take control of their
surroundings, their time, their paper, and their systems for life.
Members of OSS serve clients in counties throughout Northern California.  Visit the Members page on this site for
a list of our professional organizers and their specialties.
OSS Professional Organizers provide a wide variety of services from residential or business organizing to
corporate productivity and time management.  OSS members have specialties in the areas of ADD, Traumatic
Brain Injury, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding.  Whatever your organizing needs, an OSS Professional
Organizer can help you reach your goals.
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